Financial Services

The financial sector is one of the most demanding in terms of security

FacePhi has specialised in verification of the identity of users in the financial services sector – one of the most demanding from the security point of view since its beginnings in 2012. Since then we have developed numerous projects worldwide. Today we work with international clients such as CaixaBank, HSBC, ICBC, Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, DaeguBank, Hanwha Investments & Securities, etc.

Biometric solutions for a secure financial session

Thanks to our user verification technology we provide end-to-end security at all stages of the online interaction between the customer and the financial institution from creation of the account through user login to the private area and authorisation of a banking transaction.

Applications of the technology

Examples of use cases for the financial services sector

FacePhi’s mission is to help you get to know your customers safely. Discover some use cases for our technology.

a new user

Users can go through the onboarding process online (mobile or web), through chatbots on social networks or in person at the branch when they want to become customers of the bank.

Onboarding by assisted or unassisted video call

The process can be recorded on video assisted by an agent or unassisted but guided by instructions provided on the bank’s application.


Facial recognition technology can be used to authenticate the customer to enter the private area or to give the green light to transactions.

a new credit card

The user only has to enable capture of his/her identity document and take a selfie to acquire a new banking product.

Identification (1-N) at the
ATM or kiosk

The user can be recognised at an ATM and withdraw cash simply by showing his/her face, or conduct all kinds of transaction with the branch office through a kiosk.


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