Identity verification for financial services 

Digital identity verification in the financial sector

We’ve been specialising in secure identity verification in the financial services industry since 2012. We help financial institutions streamline onboarding processes, build trust, and offer exceptional customer experiences while easing regulatory burdens.

Biometric solutions for a secure financial session

With our digital identity verification and authentication solutions, financial institutions can rest assured that their customers are protected at every touchpoint, from account creation to user login and transaction authorisations.


Technology applications

We’re committed to helping financial institutions protect and get to know their customers safely. Here are some possible uses of our technology: 

Customer onboarding

Streamline compliant onboarding quickly and securely, remotely or on-premise.

Assisted and unassisted video onboarding

Streamline customer registration with video onboarding, either with an online agent or unattended with clear instructions.


Offer customers quick and easy authentication (1-1) for logins and transaction approvals with facial recognition technology. 

New card activation

Fast-track new card activation with a simple process of scanning an identity document and taking a corroborative selfie.

Identification (1-N) at the
ATM or kiosk

Revolutionise transactions and cash withdrawals with facial recognition technology at ATMs or kiosks.


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