Identity verification for pensions and life savings

Protect your members from identity fraud and transform their pension and savings experience.

Pensions provide guaranteed monthly income in retirement and life savings are important safety nets for unforeseen expenses. Therefore, it is crucial for pension providers to build trust with their members, offering them security and protection from fraudulent activity and pension scams at the highest possible level. 

Knowing your pension member and verifying their identity is a key to the security of pension providers and their members.

By introducing biometric identity verification pension providers can deliver robust security to their members, introduce frictionless experience and as well as keep their database up to date, reduce manual paperwork, build trust and


How can Facephi help?

Facephi works with pension providers to deliver seamless member experience, protect their savings from pension scams and identity theft.

Facephi provides robust biometric technology for digital verification enabling pension providers to improve their service to customers. It is reliable and secure by design, seamlessly integrated with providers’ technology and identity verification processes.

Facephi’s biometric solutions are designed with advanced and intuitive user experience, accessible and inclusive for all users, no matter their age or abilities.

How does it work?

A new member captures an ID document on a mobile phone camera and then takes a selfie.

Advanced OCR automatically extracts all the data from a photo ID document in real-time, validates it and matches the photo of a member to the photo on the ID document.

Passive Liveness determines whether the user is a live person in presence.

Sophisticated user experience requires minimal cooperation from members.

Authentication technology easily verifies members in seconds, at each interaction point: log in to view pension dashboard/account, withdraw funds, make a transfer and more.

Extra layer of security can be added with NFC reading, transaction monitoring, detecting suspicious activity, connection to government databases, geolocation, etc.


Benefits to pension and savings providers

Protect your members’ pension and savings from identity theft and scammers.
Show that their trust and savings security come first.

Protect your business from pension fraud and overpayments.
Ensure pension entitlement is paid to the right member by enabling routine member life tests remotely.

Streamline, automate and transform member onboarding processes. Reduce manual work and documentation, save cost, and time.

Improve your customer satisfaction with seamless member experience.
Enable your members to prove their identity and perform liveness check for pensioner remotely from the comfort of their home.

Keep your member database accurate and up to date.
Maintain a clear view of members’ identity, comply with GDPR.

Facephi solutions

Digital Identity Verification for pensions

Onboard members quickly,

reliably and securely

Customer Authentication

Validate your returning customers at log-in and high value actions.

Identity Verification Platform

A single platform for all identity verification orchestration. Design bespoke member experiences in real-time. Monitor member activity and transactions, fortify security to alert on suspicious activity or pension scam threat.

Why Facephi?

Facephi is certified

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