Public administration

The public administration sector moves towards digital transformation

Through the adoption of identity verification technology, the public administration sector seeks to advance towards the digitisation of its procedures, aimed at simplifying long and tedious processes -both for citizens and public entities themselves.

At Facephi, we provide digital onboarding and authentication systems, thanks to which citizens can easily and securely identify themselves to any Public Administration and access various daily procedures such as, for example, collecting pensions and paying payroll, avoiding long waits and unnecessary travel.

Once the citizen has been registered (with onboarding), he or she can authenticate and access the Administration’s platform or application with just a selfie, a photo with their fingerprints or by voice recognition.

Thanks to our technology, it has been possible to provide a higher level of protection and security to public entities, helping to combat and prevent possible cases of fraud and identity theft.

Applications of the technology

Examples of cases in the Public Administration sector

At Facephi we want to help facilitate digital transformation and provide safe and simple solutions for citizens. Here are some possible uses for our technology:

Citizen onboarding

To achieve the quick incorporation of a new citizen, their onboarding process is carried out online or in person at one of the associated offices.

Onboarding with assisted or unassisted video calling

The process can be recorded with video, overseen by an agent or unattended through indications by the provider.

Citizen authentication

Through various types of biometrics, citizens can authenticate, request and renew official documents, access services related to the healthcare system and participate in nominative voting processes.

Registration and access for civil servants

Thanks to identity verification technology, administrations can control the access and presence of employees at their workstations.


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