The telecommunications sector is moving towards a more competitive model

The telecommunications sector needs to incorporate digitization processes into its operations, through which to become more competitive and guarantee secure processes, whilst at the same time protecting customer transactions and personal data.

At Facephi, we provide companies in the telecommunications sector with our biometric identity verification technology, with which we facilitate the creation of an efficient and high-quality user experience, whilst saving time and costs. By guaranteeing identity, clients will be able to carry out a digital onboarding process in seconds and with minimal steps.

Through the digital onboarding process, which uses biometric authentication, the digital identity of the client requesting a service is definitively validated, securely verifying that they are who they say they are. The client only has to take a photograph of their identity document and a subsequent selfie; after this simple process, they will be able to contract and access different services.

Applications for the technology

Case studies for the telecommunications sector

At Facephi we want to help businesses to get to know their clients in a secure manner. These are some of the case studies for the use of our technology.

New client Onboarding

In order to achieve a rapid incorporation of a new client, an Onboarding process is carried out online or in person.

Onboarding with an attended or unattended videocall

The process can be registered through video recordings either attended by an agent, or unattended through indications on the provider’s application.

Client authentication

Through facial recognition technology, the client of a telecommunications company can be authenticated in a simple way, with just a selfie to enter the company’s application.

Telephone line activation/First contract

Remotely, the client can activate their telephone line or make their first sign-up to a product, simply by showing their identity document and taking a selfie.

Product purchase

When a user wishes to purchase a product, having completed the Onboarding process, they need only to take a selfie to access their account.


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