Tackling new challenges with biometric solutions

Telecommunications providers have always had to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape to survive a fiercely competitive industry. While this includes having to offer better networks, services and applications, it also means tackling new challenges related to customer experience, authentication and fraud prevention. Offering reliable means for identity verification is key to protecting the customer, but legacy methods like security questions and traditional two-factor authentication can damage brand experience and compromise security. Fortunately, biometric authentication offers both superior protection and a better customer experience. 

Fast and secure onboarding experience

Offer customers an easy and streamlined onboarding experience with biometric solutions. Customers just need an identity document and a smartphone to get started. A liveness check with Passive Liveness effectively safeguards against fraud while offering customers a uniquely effortless experience. Within seconds the customer is onboarded and ready to enjoy your service.    

Cut costs with reliable and easy customer authentication

Like other industries, telecom customers prefer a fully digital experience that resolves issues quickly and securely with as few interactions as possible. Even a one-day delay can amount to a 30% decrease in customer satisfaction, damaging brand reputation and retention rates. Biometric technology offers customers a superior user experience, while reducing costs and handling time for customer support agents. Once registered, customers just need to snap a selfie to instantly authenticate an action, whether it’s logging into their personal account, approving a purchase, or altering their phone plan

Robust security provides a competitive edge

Maintain a trusted and responsible brand with secure identity verification solutions that weed out bad actors. Safeguard customers from identity theft with biometric-based authentication, which is uniquely irreplicable unlike token-based and knowledge-based authentication methods. Provide the ultimate level of assurance and confidence around security with industry-leading data encryption and anti-fraud technology.


Technology applications

We’re committed to helping the telecommunications industry protect and get to know its customers safely. Here are some possible uses of our technology:  

New client Onboarding

Create trust from the very start of your customer relation through accurate and robust KYC processes. Verify the identity of your customers reliably, ensuring they are who they claim to be.

Client authentication

Offer customers quick and easy authentication (1-1) at every touchpoint, from card and SIM activation to updating telecoms plans, adding new devices or accessories, accessing purchase points, etc.


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