Travel and transport

Fast and secure traveller identification

At Facephi, we help airport operators and airlines deliver seamless and secure passenger experiences, improve efficiency, and fortify security with AI-powered biometric technology.  
Our world-class digital onboarding and authentication solutions enable secure and accurate passenger verification and identification at every checkpoint, facilitating frictionless and more hygienic travel. Travellers only need an ID document and a selfie to start. 

Boost operational efficiency and revenue

Biometric digital onboarding enables fast and easy self-service, cutting lines and operational costs, while expanding airport capacity.  


Technology applications

Build trust with your travellers early in their journey to create personalised experiences.

Traveller onboarding

Fast and intuitive passenger onboarding flows available remotely and at airport kiosks.

Traveller authentication

Travellers enjoy quick and easy authentication (1-1) when accessing their personal flight information. No passwords required.

Efficient ticket and hotel management

Once the traveller is registered with the company, they can easily purchase or manage flight tickets and accommodation.

Check-in at the terminal

Digitally onboarded travellers enjoy a fast, streamlined experience at the airport, bypassing check-in counters.  Airports and airlines reduce operating costs and facilitate superior customer satisfaction. 

Hotel check-in

Reduce operating costs and save time when your clients arrive at the hotel. Clients only have to verify their identity with a quick selfie to collect their room keys. No paperwork is required.


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