Traveling and transportation

Traveller identification for more secure, queue-less trips

FacePhi’s secure solutions achieve a unique experience for passengers by reducing arrival times at the boarding gate, identifying them with 100% digital onboarding. They are added to the database before arrival and given access easily and quickly.

Reduction of operational costs

It is no longer necessary to have reception staff for travellers. Thanks to FacePhi technology, the company already knows its travellers and passengers in advance and only has to recognise their faces to be able to give them access.

Applications of the technology

Case studies for the travel and transport sector

At FacePhi, we want to help you to get to know your members safely. These are some case studies for the use of our technology.

New traveller Onboarding 

Streamline the process of adding a new client to your list of allowed passengers, with 100% digital onboarding technology. 

Traveller authentication

Through facial recognition technology, the traveller is authenticated (1-1) in a simple way to enter their private area and carry out procedures. There is no need for passwords.

Purchase flight tickets or reserve hotels

Once the traveller is already a client of the company, they are able to enter their private area and buy tickets or book a hotel with just a selfie.

Check-in at the terminal

Thanks to the traveller having previously carried out the onboarding process, the airline already has all their information before their arrival. Being able to eliminate check-in counters reduces operating costs. The traveller only has to enjoy their flight.

Check-in at the hotel

Reduce operating costs and save time when your clients arrive at their hotel. Thanks to having previously verified their identity, the client only has to collect their keys and enjoy their stay. No paperwork is required.


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