Allow access to your customers and exclude fraudsters

Advanced verification solutions for detecting users on databases and watchlists, protecting from fraud and improving conversion rates  


Here at Facephi, we lead the forefront in fraud detection through identity verification

Our advanced solutions are designed to minimise financial risks, reduce fraud losses and protect from reputational risk, ensuring the integrity of business operations and effectively addressing the challenges of financial fraud and identity theft.

Improved conversion rate and reduced fraud

Implementation of advanced identity verification solutions.

User detection on databases and watchlist

Use of advanced solutions to identify users.

Protection of all user sessions from fraud

Security guarantee in all interactions.

Continuous monitoring of web and mobile sessions

Detection of anomalies in the application, user behaviour, the device and network.

Application of advanced risk models

Identification of a wide range of identity theft threats


Comprehensive multibiometric solution providing reliable, fast identity verification


Behavioural biometrics and authentication as an additional layer of security, ensuring a seamless user experience


Fluid user experience and easy integration into systems


Key processes in fraud detection and protection from account takeover

Facephi strengthens security against fraud and phishing, adopting multi-factor authentication (MFA) practices that follow FIDO standards to prevent sophisticated attacks and account takeover. 

We implement

Enhanced biometric verification

MFA authentication with support for security keys such as YubiKeys, including behavioural biometrics to identify unique patterns of user behaviour, resistant to phishing and identity theft techniques.

Anti-phishing technology

All access is verified online with Zero Trust principles, raising the barrier against unauthorised access. Our systems are designed to recognise and resist phishing attempts, protecting users' identities at each access point.

Compliance and adaptability

We ensure compliance with GDPR and adapt our solutions to different industries, strengthening anti-fraud measures in each sector.

Our technology not only meets current security standards, but also anticipates the fraud and phishing tactics of the future, ensuring our clients the most advanced identity verification protection. 

Technological superiority and competitive advantages of Facephi

Effective fraud detection and prevention with digital identity verification and management solutions.

Download the use case and discover how to identify and mitigate fraudulent activities accurately.
Detección del fraude

Innovation and reliability in protecting identities

Facephi stands out as a synonym for innovation and reliability in protecting identities and preventing account takeover. Our advanced technology not only meets current standards but is prepared to meet future challenges in digital security. 

Anti-fraud security for your organisation

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