Protect your sales with the latest biometric technology

Biometrics have had a positive impact on the online commerce sector by improving the security, convenience and personalisation of the shopping experience. By using biometric authentication, the need to repeatedly enter payment information is reduced, which lowers the abandonment rate.

Protect your buyers’ data and ensure their privacy

Consumers demand logistics that adapt to new habits, where immediacy, personalised treatment and security prevail. Identity verification with passive liveness responds to these needs.

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Download our use case and discover how biometrics strengthen the security of your customers’ online purchases.

Protect their data and prevent fraud. 


Examples of use cases for ecommerce

At Facephi we want to help you get to know your consumers in the safest way. And for you to better understand how, these are some use cases of our technology. 

Onboarding a new consumer

Now the consumer will be able to create an account in less than 5 seconds, at any time and from anywhere. Without waiting times or travelling.

Consumer authentication

The consumer will no longer have to remember a password to consult orders, purchase products or make changes, only a selfie will be necessary.

User experience

Speed up processes, facilitate transactions and cut unnecessary expenses. Favour the purchase, making sure of its veracity and collecting information to continue improving.


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