Sports events 

More agile and secure events with identity verification technology

Biometric technology is revolutionising the way customers purchase tickets and access stadiums and facilities. All processes are streamlined and secured with fast, customisable, and scalable registration and authentication flows that cut handling costs. 

New member registration 

New member registration is easy, secure, and completed in seconds.  To register, a customer simply scans their ID document and takes a corroborating selfie. Thereafter, members purchase tickets, enter stadiums, and access their private areas by taking a selfie. Physical and digital tickets are no longer needed. It couldn’t be simpler.

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It protects the fans’ experience and ensures their safety at sporting events.

Download our use case on biometrics and prevent fraud in stadiums. 

Technology applications

Examples of use cases for sports events

We want to help you get to know your members the secure way. These are some of ways our technology can benefit your sports events. 

New member onboarding

Onboard new members quickly and securely, remotely or on-premise.  Boost sales and conversion rates with the ultimate user-friendly experience.

Member authentication

Offer members instant authentication (1-1) with facial recognition technology. Eliminate passwords, physical or digital tickets, delays and inefficiencies.

Identification at a kiosk

Authenticate members quickly with stadium kiosks (1-N). Reduce waiting times and cut handling costs. 


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