Digital Onboarding

A solution that allows user registry or the contracting of a product from any location.

What the technology does

Digital Onboarding solution

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Our solution allows the contracting of a digital product remotely, automatically capturing the information in the document and taking a selfie with passive liveness.

It includes the best OCR on the market, allowing the client to extract all the data from the document (identity, passport, driver’s licence, etc.) in real time.

Facial biometrics compares the image used by the document or other databases against the user’s selfie.


Steps to follow

These are the simple steps to follow to carry out a Digital Onboarding process.

Step 1

Automatic document capture, data extraction and security checks

Step 2

Selfie with passive liveness

Step 3

Biometric facial comparison


What makes us different

Our onboarding technology always looks for the maximum level of security and the best user experience


Sectors for application

Main industries in which the technology is applied


Technological applications

Main uses of Digital Onboarding technology