Digital Identity Platform

Multibiometric solution that allows the customer to design any digital onboarding and authentication process, which can be adjusted according to users’ needs. 


Facephi Identity Platform allows you to create and control all your Digital Identity needs

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Facephi Identity Platform offers fully customisable digital identity verification processes, specific to your needs. The platform boasts a multitude of biometric solutions for an accessible and efficient user experience, while ensuring ultimate security for both organisation and end-user.  

Facephi Identity Platform’s modules include: 

  • Design Studio 
  • Operations 
  • Privacy 
  • Anti-fraud 
  • UX Metrics 
  • Artificial Intelligence 

Customising the authentication flow

These are the three simple steps to follow to create a personalised flow on the platform.

Step 1

Design the onboarding and authentication flow and select the relevant biometrics

Step 2

Configure the platform for the optimal user experience 

Step 3

Connect the client to the Facephi solution through an API

Unique Features

Value proposal

Facephi’s multi-module platform offers a range of features for a secure, intuitive and functional solution.

Premium UX UI Consulting service specialising in onboarding and authentication.

We analyse and advise your product in order to optimise its usability and your results. We study the needs of your users, the complexities of your product and work to respond to the difficulties that may arise from digitalisation.


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