Offer a unique experience with biometric technology

Digital identity verification makes it easier for users to register for insurance products and services, and protects customers from identity theft and fraud.

Digital identity verification with Facephi

We provide fast, secure and compliant onboarding processes for policyholders, so they can rest assured that users are whom they say they are. 
To register, a policyholder just has to scan his/her identity document and take a corroborative selfie. 


Speed up the contracting of your products and services while protecting de identity of your policyholders.

Download our use case and find out how to do it in an agile and secure way while avoiding identity theft fraud. 

Technology applications

Examples of use cases for insurance industry

We’re committed to helping the insurance industry get to know their policyholders safely. The following are some of the use cases of our technology: 

Policyholder onboarding

Register new policyholders quickly and securely, remotely or on-premise.

Assisted and unassisted video onboarding

Streamline policyholder registration with video onboarding, either with an online agent or unattended with clear instructions.

Policyholder authentication

Authenticate (1-1) policyholders quickly and easily with facial recognition technology.

Kiosk identification

Eliminate waiting times and queues with instant policyholder authentication at an on-premise kiosk.


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