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Experts in Digital Identity

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FacePhi provides secure, fast, and easy to use technology. Experts in user’s digital identity verification, it specialises in digital onboarding and biometric authentication solutions. It was established with the aim of creating more secure, accessible and fraud-free digital processes; to achieve this, FacePhi is committed to innovation with artificial intelligence and machine learning, applying blockchain technology and introducing decentralised digital identity. 

FacePhi already boasts 300 million users worldwide and more than 150 clients, with a retention rate of over 95%. 


Presence and international expansion

Company founded in 2012 with headquarters in Spain. It has three subsidiaries located in: Seoul, South Korea (2019), Montevideo, Uruguay (2022), and United Kingdom (2022)


Milestones reached in recent years


Awards and recognition

We are considered a benchmark company in technological innovation and we have received awards and recognitions to prove it.

IV Award 2020 SME Business
2020 National SME Award
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2020-2021 RegTech100 Award
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Top10 Fintech Spain Award TEAM
We are members of

Associations to which we are registered

FacePhi seeks to be part of different associations related to biometrics, cybersecurity and compliance sectors.

FacePhi staff

Our human values are our strength

FacePhi staff

We have a committed, proactive team with a high level of motivation. Ours is a multidisciplinary and highly specialised team, where 70% are focused on innovation and technology development.


What moves us
from within


Part of our DNA is the constant innovation of our technology in order to improve quality of life.


We are passionate about our work and how technology has become the main ally of our society.


An essential value within our organisation, where we share knowledge and work towards a common goal.


We support equal opportunity policies and promote accessibility to professional careers related to science and technology.


Our success is based on perseverance and the exquisite work of a team with an unbreakable will.


From the first person who was part of the company, to the most recent incorporation, they all share a common value: the full commitment to the project to achieve excellence.


The company was started by 5 people, and despite having grown exponentially in recent years, we still regard ourselves as a small family.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility is based on three fundamental cornerstones: Volunteer and cooperation actions, actions for sustainability and environmental care, as well as improving the safety of our employees.

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Volunteering and cooperative actions
Sustainability and caring for the environment
Physical and emotional safety for employees

CSR actions

At FacePhi we carry out concrete Corporate Social Responsibility actions throughout the year. Want to know what we have done?

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