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Verify clients’ identity quickly, accurately, and securely while meeting KYC and AML requirements

How do legal firms and solicitors provide a good client onboarding experience while fulfilling cumbersome KYC and CDD requirements?

This is a challenge the legal sector wrestles with at a time of rising AML risks, more stringent regulations, and lower prospective client tolerance for onboarding friction.  

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Protect your clients’ sensitive information confidentiality. 

How can Facephi help?

Facephi offers law firms and solicitors a reliable identity verification solution for fast and efficient remote client onboarding and conveyancing. Meet regulatory compliance with robust KYC and AML background checks, including ongoing PEP, blacklist, sanctions and adverse media screening for fraud prevention. Get accurate results in real-time, securely encrypted and transferred to your domain servers.  



Digital identity verification

Onboard clients remotely with a secure and frictionless KYC process. An image of the accepted ID document is captured followed by a quick selfie. Advanced biometric technology matches the selfie to the photo on the ID document determining likeness and Passive Liveness technique provides assurance of liveness.

AML Screening

Check the latest AML/PEP/Sanction and other lists in real-time. FacePhi keeps an eye on updated lists to provides continuous screening.

ID document validation

Leveraging advanced Machine Learning Facephi’s biometric technology studies the ID document features and validates that the documents are genuine or not.

NFC reading

In cases where security is critical, NFC reading provides assurance for an accurate customer identity verification. Once scanned, the data from the ID document is matched to the NFC one, confirming the identity.

Electronic signatures and additional document upload support.

Get all the required client documents, including bank statements, utility bills, etc. for onboarding process. Sign agreements, contracts remotely.

Video verification

Clients can be onboarded via assisted or unassisted video verification. The entire session is recorded, the required documents are registered and available for audit and traceability.

Data security with ‘Privacy-by-design’

Facephi protects data in the most secure way to ensure data compliance. Biometric patterns are tokenised, secured with proprietary and advanced AES 256 encryption standards and transferred directly to relevant servers for storage.

Connection to government and other databases

ID document data can also be matched against government data sources to ensure the accuracy and validation of records. Facephi provides a secure connector for this.


Streamlined and automated client onboarding processes that reduce manual work and documentation, saving costs and time.

Thorough KYC and AML identity verification checks, including ongoing PEP, blacklists and sanctions screening.

Biometric solutions fully tailored to customer requirements, including bespoke authentication flows, themes and logos, and accepted document specifications.

Improved client satisfaction, with passive liveness checks for the ultimate user-friendly experience.

Why Facephi?

Facephi is committed to delivering quality, data protection and security to customers.

certificado LRQA ISO/IEC 27001
certificado LRQA ISO/IEC 27001


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