Travel by plane, safe and comfortable from the ticket purchase

Now through digital identity verification you can transform the travel experience of your passengers. Buying tickets, managing flights or identifying yourself at security checks will be simple, safe and, above all, fast.

From ticket purchase to boarding without frustration

Using facial recognition for processes such as check-in will facilitate processes such as passenger boarding, which will also save time and resources, both for them and for the airline itself. 

airport use case


Improve your passenger’s flight experience by downloading our identity verification use case. 

Find out how to streamline identification processes while protecting their data. 


Examples of use cases for airlines

At Facephi we want to help you get to know your passengers in the safest way. And for you to better understand how, these are some use cases of our technology. 

Onboarding a new passenger

Now the customer will be able to create an account on the airline's platform in less than 5 seconds, at any time and from anywhere. Without waiting times or travelling.


Access to the passenger portal

Passenger authentication is instant, accurate and secure thanks to facial recognition and passive liveness technology.

Airport security check

Identify your passengers at the different security checks, in a fast, respectful and non-intrusive way. Reduce friction and improve their experience.


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