Digital Identity Glossary

A glossary of terms related to biometrics is presented below so that the user may resolve any queries related to the meaning of the terms used on our website.


AES 256

256-bit encryption. It is the most widely used encryption by companies today. It is the most secure type of AES encryption and allows for information to be encrypted to prevent hacking.



Anti-Money Laundering. Closely related to KYC. It is a fundamental regulatory framework in user identification that seeks to prevent money laundering in user-company relationships and transactions.



Process in which a person’s identity is verified and their data safely accessed.

Fingerprint biometrics

Identification technology based on a person's fingerprint. Its operation consists of the biometric capture of fingerprints on the device screen, which is subsequently compared against the previously registered pattern (1:1).


Voice biometrics

Technology used to identify or authenticate through voice biometric patterns. Samples of biometric patterns of different voices need to be collected beforehand.


Behavioural biometrics

Analyses a user’s cognitive behaviours on digital media.

Facial biometrics

Technology used to verify the identity of the person through an image of their face.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Is the process which starts the relationship between the customer and the company. This process must be secure. It is the practice carried out by companies to verify the identity of their customers in compliance with certain legal requirements and current regulations.


Passive facial liveness

This technology distinguishes between a real person in front of the camera (or any other recognition method) and a photo or video in which the same face appears.



Near Field Communication. Wireless communication technology which facilitates the exchange of data between devices. It is frequently used in the financial sector.



Optical character recognition. This is a process that extracts the text with an image or document.


Digital onboarding

process in which companies incorporate their clients and users quickly and securely thanks to biometrics.