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Digitising public administration

To speed up, simplify processes and access to government services the public administration is increasingly turning to digital identity verification technology.

Digital identity verification for public services

We provide trusted digital onboarding and authentication solutions to enable easy and secure access to various public administration procedures, including pensions and payrolls. Registered citizens enjoy instant authentication with facial, fingerprint, or voice recognition technology. Passwords are no longer needed.

Ultimate security with biometric technology

Our digital identity verification solutions provide the highest level of protection to public entities, combatting fraud and identity theft. 

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Download our use case on digital identity verification and strengthen trust in public services.

It demonstrates to citizens that bureaucratic processes can be simple, accessible and fast. 

Technology applications

Examples of use cases for public adminis

To provide safe and simple solutions for citizens, we’re committed to facilitating the digital transformation of the public administration sector. Here are some possible uses:

Citizen onboarding

Register new citizens quickly and securely, remotely or on-premise.

Assisted and unassisted video onboarding

Streamline citizen registration with video onboarding, either with an online agent or clear instructions.

Citizen authentication

Through various types of biometrics, citizens can authenticate, request and renew official documents, access services related to the healthcare system and participate in nominative voting processes.

Registration and access for civil servants

Thanks to identity verification technology, administrations can control the access and presence of employees at their workstations.


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