The healthcare sector protected by biometrics

The healthcare sector is digitalising its administrative procedures to facilitate contactless reception and combat medical identity theft and prescription fraud. 


Facephi provides healthcare centres and their suppliers with biometric technology to recognise and verify their patients’ identity in order to achieve these objectives.

By onboarding these patients the clinic can identify the people and detect whether they are who they say they are or not, and if so, provide them with medical service and prescribe the required medication.

All the patient has to do is take a picture of their identity document and then a selfie.

The verification process is more streamlined, faster and easier than before thanks to our technology, eliminating the use of a physical medical card and achieving a fully contactless process.

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Discover how biometrics protect your patients’ medical data and ensures confidentiality in healthcare.

Download our use case for health and peace of mind. 

Technology applications

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Our mission is to enable you to keep your patients and private health information secure. 

Onboarding new patients

Rapidly register new patients online or at the clinic.

Assisted or unassisted video onboarding

Offer video onboarding for an enhanced onboarding experience, with or without video agent supervision.

Patient authentication

Patients enjoy quick and easy authentication when accessing the healthcare centre’s application. 

Kiosk identification (1-N)

Streamline queues and administration and reduce waiting times with automated patient facial recognition at health centre kiosks.


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