Sharing Economy

Safety and trust in collaborative platforms

Transform the sharing economy experience with our digital identity verification solutions. Using technologies such as facial recognition, Facephi ensures fast and secure registration and verification, protecting users’ identities and improving the operational efficiency of platforms.

Protection and efficiency in various applications

From holiday rentals to shared mobility, our multi-biometric solutions build trust between users. We verify the identity of owners and guests, buyers and sellers, or drivers and passengers, ensuring they are who they say they are.

Que tus usuarios se preocupen solo por conducir

The shared mobility industry can now offer a more agile, simpler, and safer experience for drivers who, with our technology, enjoy processes that are not only improved, but also simplified. WiBLE, the carsharing service from Kia and Repsol that trusts in Facephi, is already part of this revolution.

Improve your sharing economy experience by downloading our use case on digital identity verification.

It protects their data and guarantees reliable identification.


Examples of use cases for the sharing economy

At Facephi, we want to help you to get to know your customers in the most secure way. And for you to better understand how, these are some use cases of our technology.

New customer onboarding

Your customer can now create an account in less than 10 seconds, at any time and from anywhere. No waiting times and no travels.

Customer authentication

Once the user is already a customer, they can enter the app and make a booking or purchase with just a selfie. Thanks to deep learning techniques, your customer will not have to remember passwords.

Create and control all your digital identity needs

Facephi Identity Platform allows you to perform a comprehensive management of your users’ identity by designing, implementing, and monitoring any digital onboarding and authentication process.

Age verification

Prevent minors from accessing services and ensure that drivers have a legal licence, thus providing a safe environment.

Regulatory compliance

Facephi’s advanced KYC and AML solutions will allow you to verify the authenticity of your customers and ensure that they comply with legal regulations, making it easier to exclude scammers.


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