Support centre

In our commitment to ensuring you a smooth and seamless experience, we offer a dedicated support service to cater to all your needs.


Office hours and channels

Our support team is available to deal with any type of request or incident, during working hours, through the following channels:


Latam & USA


High Priority and Critical Incident Reports

To ensure your operational continuity, we offer a dedicated 24/7 channel to report production incidents with a significant impact on your activities. If you are looking at a critical disruption or serious degradation of the performance of our services, you can contact us in the following ways:

Send details of the incident to:

Please provide all relevant information on the incident to facilitate rapid resolution. Our technical support team is standing by to respond and resolve these problems on a priority basis.

Assistance outside working hours

Outside working hours, our team will be available to deal with production incidents that put operational continuity at risk. Such incidents are considered to be of critical or high
priority when:

There is service disruption in SaaS production environments

Such incidents include cases such as complete downtime of the SaaS service due to server problems or errors with the licensing of the server-side technology.

Such an incident will be prioritised as critical and will be responded to within 1 hour.

There is a degradation of service performance in production

In such incidents, long latency times are expected or the service is partially interrupted in the processing region.

Such an incident will be prioritised as high and will be responded to within 2 hours.