100% secure age verification

Facephi presents its advanced AI and deep learning-based technology for accurate age verification in a wide range of industries.  

Essential in sectors such as online gaming, retail and vending, where verifying the user’s age is a legal requirement and a responsible business practice. 


Identity verification and authentication

Identity verification and authentication of the document holder through selfie capture and biometric comparison.


OCR document capture

Automatic date of birth extraction using state-of-the-art OCR technology.


Avoid identity theft

Avoid identity theft and any type of fraud in data as sensitive as age.

Protect your business and comply with regulations with age verification.

Download the use case and discover how to accurately and securely verify the age of your users. 

CDU Age verification

Age verification process

Data validation

Review of extracted data format and error correction.

Biometric age verification

Use of passive liveness and facial recognition technologies.

Security measures

Robust identity fraud prevention.


Differential advantages of the Facephi solution

Robust security

Preventive measures against identity fraud.

Minimum friction

Simple, intuitive interface for easy ID capture and upload.

Operating efficiency

Speedy, efficient user experience with ultra-fast capture time.

Universal compatibility

Suitable for various types of documents, ensuring wide applicability.


Why Facephi is the leading choice for age verification

Join the innovation in age verification

Find out how Facephi Advanced Age Verification can transform the security and efficiency of your business. Contact us for further information or for a demonstration.