Business and financial information

Facephi has a strong commitment to innovation and commercial expansion and is a consolidated company within its main sectors and regions, achieving firm financial development, in accordance with achievements and new business growth opportunities.


Business model


1. Direct, through clients
2. Indirect, through partners


1. From licensing (through uses and users)
2. From support and maintenance

Recurring (Annual and monthly licenses, cloud and support).

Non-Recurring (One-off and perpetual licenses, certifications and consulting).

Application in industries

The main industries in which the technology is applied.

Company objectives

Continue expansion into new regions and sectors

Facilitate the digitisation process of any organisation that is committed to securing and streamlining its processes through our technology.


Diversify the use cases of our technology

Our technology can be applied to any scenario where the identity of a user needs to be verified.


Remain leaders in the financial sector

The financial sector is one of the most regulated and demanding in terms of security. A long and proven track record in the application of digital identity solutions in this sector serves as a guarantee for expansion into new sectors.


Continue investing in our growth

Form a solid team oriented towards continuous improvement and the development of solutions, and their commercialisation. In addition, evaluating inorganic growth opportunities that add value at a business and technological development level.

Financial information

Evolution of Turnover and EBITDA (000)

Facephi has experienced a huge growth in revenue, with an increase of more than 200% in the last 3 years.

Latest financial operations

With the aim of continuing to promote the constant growth experienced by the company, at the end of 2020 two lines of financing were closed.

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