With biometrics, learning will be available to everyone 

Our technology enhances inclusion and accessibility in learning by removing physical and cognitive barriers. In addition, digital verification provides greater flexibility and autonomy in the learning process, allowing students to adapt their study schedules.

Avoid identity theft during exams

Online education must offer both its students and its teachers impenetrable security that is at the same level of educational practical trainings so that these can be fruitful.
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Discover how biometrics protects the integrity of your students’ academic achievements.

Download our use case and ensure accuracy in the world of online education.


Examples of use cases for Fintech

At Facephi we want to help you get to know your students in the safest way. And for you to better understand how, these are some use cases of our technology.

Student account creation

Now the student will be able to create an account in less than 5 seconds, at any time and from anywhere. No waiting times or commuting.


Qualifications and tutorial lessons for the teaching staff

A quick facial recognition will allow you to access grades, tutorial lessons and information about materials or students.

Access to the centre

With a quick prior registration, the student or teacher will be able to access the school easily, without the need for additional documentation.


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