Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, an increasing number of public and private services have become digital, which requires Secure and reliable digital identification systems. In this context, the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation 2014 plays a key role in the European Union by establishing technical and security standards for electronic identification. Since its implementation, eIDAS has created a framework that enables the interoperability of national electronic identification systems, ensuring trust in online transactions and encouraging the adoption of secure digital services by European citizens. 

The European Wallet powered by the eIDAS 2024 update 

In February 2024, the European Parliament approved an updated European digital identity framework that laid the foundations for secure access to services and transactions in the EU. This update establishes the issuance of a European digital identity wallet in all Member States. This digital wallet will be part of an electronic identity system, under common technical standards and mandatory certification. 
The approval of the provisional agreement between the European Parliament and the Council is a significant step towards the implementation of the European digital identity by creating a secure, reliable and interoperable digital ecosystem. With this update, at least 80% of people are expected to use a digital identity, allowing users to have control over their data and be able to access key public services across EU borders by 2030. 

Key benefits of the new European digital Wallet 

  • Access to public services: Citizens can use their European digital identity to access public services: request certificates, carry out administrative procedures and tax returns. 
  • Private services: Open a bank account, apply for a university place in another EU country, or rent a car. 
  • Improved standards: The update of the European digital identity framework establishes improved technical and security standards for national electronic identification systems. This ensures that systems work with each other and that citizens have control over their personal data. 

Here at Facephi, our solutions are based on technological excellence and innovation, and this is demonstrated by Facephi Wallet, which is presented as a secure and reliable solution for storing and managing digital identity. By being in line with the European digital identity framework, Facephi Wallet contributes to the creation of a secure and trusted digital ecosystem in the European Union. With its implementation, it is expected that European citizens will be able to more efficiently access public and private services, guaranteeing the privacy and security of their personal data.