International Identity Day

A legal identity is undeniably crucial. It’s not just a fundamental human right, but also the cornerstone of any thriving society, especially in our fast-evolving digital world. Still, an estimated 850 million individuals worldwide lack identity proof. This Identity Day, we reaffirm our pledge to bridge this gap, ensuring no one is left behind.

At Facephi, we recognise technology’s power in driving inclusion. Our biometric solutions, designed to offer secure and user-friendly identity verification, facilitate complete participation in the digital economy. On this Identity Day, we want to underscore the three pivotal pillars of identity: inclusion, protection, and utility.


Identity Day serves as a reminder of our obligation to those lacking identity proof. We are committed to harnessing our technology to extend the advantages of digital identity to all, making crucial services accessible to everyone, regardless of location or circumstances.


For those possessing identity proof, Identity Day emphasises the need to shield their identities from theft and ensure privacy. At Facephi, users’ data security is paramount, utilising advanced biometric technology and encryption techniques to protect identities.


Identity Day also provides an opportunity to reflect on the practicality of our identities. As a technology provider, we continually endeavour to enhance digital identities’ usefulness, enabling individuals to navigate daily life efficiently and effortlessly.

Digital Identity and Socio-economic Prosperity

As we commemorate International Identity Day, we remember the transformative power of digital identity as a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity. A report by the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that achieving full digital ID coverage could unlock economic value equivalent to 3-13% of GDP by 2030. Impressively, over half of this potential value could directly benefit individuals, underlining the personal and societal advantages of digital identity.

Additionally, robust digital identification systems can significantly impact society, enabling increased access to education, healthcare, and labour markets, and fostering higher levels of civic participation.

Celebrating International Identity Day

As a UN Global Compact partner and coalition partner of ID4Africa, Facephi is proud to stand with the global community in commemorating International Identity Day on September 16. More than a calendar event, this day embodies our shared commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 – granting legal identity for all by 2030.

We take immense pride in our contributions to digital identity verification and remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing this field. We are honoured to be part of this global endeavour and eagerly anticipate a future where everyone holds a secure, useful, and inclusive digital identity.

Happy International Identity Day!