Onboard users safely, mitigate AML and
identity fraud

With large amounts of crypto being traded daily, the space is under a growing risk for money laundering and identity fraud. According to a recent research in just 2021, over 4.25 billion USD was lost to crypto crime. Without proper security measures in place, crypto companies are under a risk for fraudulent activity and identity theft.    

Furthermore, the Fifth and Sixth Money Laundering Directives mandated virtual currency and custodian wallet providers to be registered with their domestic authorities and meet the same KYC requirements as financial institutions. Exchanges and wallets must demonstrate that they have appropriate KYC and AML compliance programs in place.  


Download our use case and discover how biometrics can protect their cryptocurrency. 

Secure the identity of your users and prevent unauthorised access. 

How can Facephi help?

Facephi’s secure biometric-based digital onboarding and identity verification solutions help crypto companies to prevent identity theft and money laundering without compromising on user experience.  

Secure and frictionless new user onboarding

Ensure you are engaging genuine customers, onboard them fast.

Advanced user experience

Requires minimal cooperation from an end user.

Strong protection against fraud with a bank-grade security tech

Mitigate identity theft, fishing attacks, money laundering, terrorist financing, etc.

Robust KYC and AML compliance

Put secure KYC and AML procedures in place to comply with regulations.

Additional security options

Sanctions, PEP and AML screening, video onboarding, ID document validation and much more.

Seamless integration

Supported on any device, iOS or Android. Available as a SaaS or on-prem solution.

Use cases

Digital user onboarding:

Onboard users safely in seconds. Users only need an ID document and a selfie.

Real-time OCR technology automatically extracts the data from the ID document.

Passive Liveness determines whether the user is a live person in presence.

Matching algorithm compares the photo on the ID document to the user’s selfie, determining likeness.

User authentication:

Log your users back by validating their identity against their stored information.

No need for passwords.

A simple quick selfie will grant access and allow for a high-value trade or a wallet content transfer or any other operation on virtual currency.

Ongoing transaction monitoring:

Control and monitor operations in

Register transactions, keep evidence, produce audit, etc.

A flexible SDK with multiple modules. Build and adapt to your requirements quickly.

Why Facephi?

Facephi is certified

certificado LRQA ISO/IEC 27001

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