Facephi commits again to clean and preserve the Alicante coast  

On Friday, October 7th, Facephi carried out a corporate social responsibility action on the beaches of Alicante. For the second consecutive year, the company’s employees gathered at Cantalar cove with the aim of collecting and classifying different types of waste scattered in its natural environment. 

The action is part of Facephi’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility plan, in which environmental conservation is one of its key elements. In line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, Facephi have included different actions aimed at achieving a more inclusive, supportive and environmentally aware society. 

The almost 60 participants gathered in groups to comb the area of important ecological value and clean it of organic waste, plastic, glass and paper. 

Javier had already participated in the previous edition of the initiative. He commented that this time he found that “the mountain area was not as dirty as the coastal area. In addition, it is a very nice way to meet colleagues whom I had not seen for a long time due to the current remote working format, and an opportunity to get to know people with whom you do not usually share day to day contact. These meetings are something that you appreciate.” 

Laura, a first-time participant, also shared her opinion about the experience: “I loved it. Collecting waste is not the most exciting thing to do, but doing it together with my colleagues, meeting many of them for the first time, in order to help the environment, was very satisfying.” 

The different groups met again at the end of the day, sharing experiences and reflections in a joint meal, with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that helped to reinforce the collaborative spirit that characterises the Facephi Team. 

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