Facephi to supply identity verification technology in hospitals in Ceuta and Melilla

FacePhi is taking a new step forward in the public administration industry, incorporating its technological solutions for the implementation of a patient identity verification system in the Comarcal de Melilla and Universitario de Ceuta hospitals, as well as in primary care facilities in both cities, through a contract awarded by the Directorate of the National Institute of Health Management (INGESA).

The system requested in the tender, based on facial recognition technology, was awarded to the Spanish technology company through a joint venture with Dedalus, a leading company in digital health and diagnostic solutions in Europe, for a total sum of 711,490.00 euros -from which FacePhi will get a revenue share of around 21%.

The project, which will unify the process of registration and verification of patient identity, will improve assistance and provide greater security to hospitals and primary care centres, being applied in 48 specific points of hospital centres.

“For FacePhi, obtaining this tender represents a reinforcement of our entry into the public administration industry. The contract awarded by INGESA, for the application of our identity verification technology in hospitals, is a clear example of the trust that public sector companies place in us, and represents a boost for the expansion of our technology in new industries and cases of use,” states Javier Mira, president and CEO of FacePhi.

About Dedalus

Dedalus is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of ICT Health solutions and services in Spain and Portugal.

Its digital health solutions are used in the Spanish National Health System, where 80% of regional health authorities work with one of its solutions, covering over 30 million members of the population covered. It also provides support for over 6,100 hospitals and 5,300 laboratories around the world.