HSBC and FacePhi unite to say goodbye to Passwords

HSBC, the “Best Bank in the World”, will use Selphi to authenticate its clients.

Argentinian brach will be the first one with the Spanish facial recogntion technology available.

Alicante, 25th September 2017. FacePhi Biometría S.A., Spanish Company of facial recognition known for providing its technology to banks and financial institutions around the world and for being listed on the MAB (Spanish Alternative Investment Market), signed its last contract on 20th of September with the “best bank in the world”, HSBC.

HSBC was honoured by the Euromoney magazine, with headquarters in London and leader in banking and International finance information, as the “Best Bank in the World” in 2017 during the annual awards for excellence ceremony. The prize was awarded on the basis of the achievements made by the institution during the implementation of the company strategy and the strength of the universal banking model that it carries out.

On this occasion, the Argentinian branch of HSBC will be the first one of the HSBC Group in order to implement the facial recognition of the Company from Alicante that will allow the bank’s clients to get access to their banking accounts and private areas just taking a selfie. In this sense, the users of the mobile application that use “Selphi” won’t have to remember any password again increasing the security and user experience of the mobile banking app.

FacePhi continuous namely a definition and enhancement its position as leader in facial recognition biometrics for the mobile applied in the banking sector. With HSBC, 15 banks have already acquired the Spanish technology and have implemented in different platforms and operating systems registering a 0% of fraud with a forecast of 130M of authentications in 2017.

FacePhi Biometría is a public company listed on the MAB (Spanish Alternative Investment Market) and beneficiary of the Horizon2020, the biggest EU financial programme to deploy research and innovation projects, specialized in developing and marketing facial recognition software. FacePhi ( is one of the most relevant manufacturers in the world, working for banking, vehicle, private security and public sectors. FacePhi focuses its activity on mobile devices, reducing fraud in accounts. Its facial recognition software uses its own algorithms, which makes it the original owner of the FaceRecognition technology. FacePhi reached 60M of authentications during 2016 and nowadays has presence in 18 countries, such as Panama, Chile, Colombia and Argentina among others.