Facephi digital identity solutions in the African Market with a strategic partnership with SCINTL 

At Facephi, we announce our strategic partnership with SCINTL Technologies, a leading IT solution provider specialized in implementation of technology solutions and software development, to expand our digital identity solutions into the Ugandan market, in various verticals such Financial Services, Government Sector, Energy and Transportation. This alliance is instrumental for us, as we pave the way for the company to strengthen our presence in the dynamic African market. 

Uganda’s digital identity management sector is rapidly expanding, driven by the country’s growing digitalisation in financial services and an increased focus on cybersecurity, as well as new initiatives in various verticals. Integrating our technology with SCINTL’s platforms aims to meet the rising demand for reliable digital identity solutions. This is particularly crucial in the evolving context of mobile banking, online financial services and the need in additional verticals for reliable identification processes in Uganda, ensuring safe and seamless digital transitions. 
The partnership with SCINTL represents an opportunity for us, enabling the company to solidify its footprint in the booming African market, especially in Uganda. This collaboration doesn’t just signify an expansion of territory; it’s a leap towards achieving our vision of global digital inclusivity and security. This strategic move broadens our international diversification and enhances its mission to deliver fraud-free, user-friendly digital identity verification solutions across the globe.  

Alejandro Gomez de Cuenca, Senior Vice President of Partner Channel at Facephi, commented on its significance: This collaboration with SCINTL will positively impact the end users—enhancing their security and streamlining their experience with financial services and the penetration of other crucial markets in the country. We believe that this partnership will set a new benchmark for the management of digital identity and verification in Uganda, ensuring that digital transitions are seamless and secure. 

Cephas T. Bushuyu, Managing Director of SCINTL Technologies, also emphasized the transformative potential of the partnership: Integrating Facephi’s state-of-the-digital identity and biometric technology will revolutionize the way we validate and authenticate identities in Uganda. This advancement is crucial for enhancing the security of our platforms and providing a frictionless customer experience. 

This strategic initiative establishes Facephi and SCINTL as frontrunners in the digital identity domain in Uganda, aiming to introduce unprecedented security measures and an improved user experience in the digital landscape.