Facephi has won the Silver prize in the prestigious Tech Rocketship Awards 2022   

The panel of judges made up of representatives of government and industry experts recognises our track record as protectors of digital identity and expansion plans in the United Kingdom. 

The award consists of a personalised advisory programme that will boost our presence in the British market and support our expansion in EMEA. 

On November 3rd, Facephi was recognised as Silver Winner in the latest edition of the prestigious Tech Rocketship Awards, organised by the United Kingdom´s Department for International Trade. The objective of this international event is to promote and support the establishment of foreign companies in the British market. In this edition, the awards focused on attracting the interest of European, Turkish and Israeli companies. 

The award includes a tailor-made advisory and business development programme, according to the needs and objectives of the winning companies, designed by experts in international trade from the British government. Facephi will obtain a complete package of services that will help us accelerate our growth process in the United Kingdom, minimising risks and streamlining the connection with the appropriate investment channels to reach quickly and efficiently more companies from different sectors in the United Kingdom. 

Enrico Montagnino, General Manager of Facephi EMEA, congratulates the whole team and values this recognition as “an important endorsement for our implementation and development strategy in the British market, as well as an excellent platform for our expansion plans throughout the EMEA region.” 


Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 

The 2022 edition of the Tech Rocketship Awards has had a great international impact, having invited more than 270 companies from 26 countries in seven different categories: Artificial intelligence, 5G, Agritech, cybersecurity, health, diversity, and climate. 

The process consisted of several phases that we have passed, from our presentation to the open call at the beginning of the year, to reaching the semi-finals and the Grand Final, where our colleague Nuno Martins from Facephi EMEA was in charge of representing Facephi’s candidacy as a company specialising in digital security. 

The exhibition covered different issues, such as the challenge we have faced since our establishment –the security of people’s digital identity from their onboarding process to authentication–, the solutions we develop with biometric technology as a base, and how we have evolved as a product and as a company since we began our activity, highlighting the significant development we have experienced during the last year with the opening of new subsidiaries in Montevideo and Facephi EMEA in London. 

Facephi’s adventure in EMEA continues!