Facephi gains approval for its digital onboarding services for banking in Spain

Facephi obtains endorsement for its digital identity verification solutions based on SEPBLAC requirements. This milestone paves the way for the company’s identity verification technology to be applied in the banking sector throughout Spain. 

Facephi, a leading company in biometric technology for verifying people’s digital identity, has successfully passed the external audit  carried out by Certeidas, which approves its technology for providing onboarding solutions to banks operating throughout the Spanish territory, as established by the Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offenses (SEPBLAC).  

As such, the company ratifies compliance with SEPBLAC’s requirements ensuring that users’ interactions with their bank for procedures, such as account opening, can be done remotely, in the fastest and safest way through videoconferencing and video-identification. Both tools are based on Facephi technology, the first with agent assistance of an agent and the second, automated, based on facial recognition and the reading of official identity documents, as well as on user interaction with a series of instructions marked throughout the process for registration in the banking system. 

From now on, Spanish-based banks using Facephi Identity Platform solutions to perform onboarding and authentication of their customers’ digital identity can have confidence in a proven product that complies with the state agency’s security guidelines in all its processes. 

According to Jorge Félix, Facephi’s Quality and Systems Director, “we have demonstrated our solvency and reliability, which from now on will allow us to offer our solutions to all banks operating in Spain and to position ourselves as a leading supplier”.  

 Facephi’s Identity Platform boasts complete customisability, allowing its  digital identification solutions to be fully tailored to the needs of each client. Now that it has received regulatory approval, the path is clear for any bank operating in Spain to easily adopt its digital identity verification solutions.