User verification

User verification for a secure session

Facephi technology, combining physical and behavioural biometrics in the digital onboarding process, achieves a secure online session from start to finish. This technology, essential for companies to get to know their users, achieves total protection against online fraud in a very simple way.

As simple as taking a selfie

For the user to authenticate the procedure, they only have to stand in front of the camera and take a selfie, achieving a unique user experience.

The technology passively analyses more than 10,000 points of the face and turns them into an intelligent biometric pattern against which, in future authentications, it will compare the selfie taken in the moment, being able to recognise the user even with physical changes in their hairstyle, beard, etc.

Passive life check

Our passive life check eliminates any friction and provides a unique user experience, avoiding the user having to make a specific movement, such as turning their face, blinking or even saying a voice command.