User onboarding: Identity verification

Verification of the identity of new customers

Onboarding users is the first point of contact they have with a company. Facephi’s technology enables you to identify the person quickly and safely while providing the best user experience on the market.

Frictionless, providing an exceptional user experience

Facephi’s digital onboarding technology automatically captures the user’s identity document and seamlessly compares its photograph with a selfie taken on the spot using passive liveness

Ensuring a significant reduction of overheads

This digital user-onboarding process enables companies to dramatically reduce the overheads generated by outdated manual procedures while significantly strengthening security and enhancing the user’s experience.

Additional security features and multi-factor biometrics

Facephi enables the addition of extra security features to user identity verification at both the identity document, passport, etc. capture point and at the user biometrics phase.

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