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Onboard users safely and mitigate AML risks and identity fraud

Due to heightened competition in a booming industry, gaming operators face significant pressure to adapt to ever-changing regulations, while offering players a seamless customer journey, including quick and easy registrations, deposits, and withdrawals.   

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Download our use case and discover how biometrics cat protect your players so they don´t have to worry about anything other than winning.

How can Facephi’s technology help?

At Facephi, we offer gaming operators tailored onboarding and authentication solutions to make legal compliance, customer due diligence and player authentication faster and more effective. Our leading biometric technology ensures gamers enjoy a streamlined and secure experience at every touchpoint, from onboarding to deposits and withdrawals.

Digital onboarding

Players are remotely verified to a high level of assurance requiring just their ID document and a corroborative selfie. Real-time OCR expedites player registration and ensures data accuracy. NFC reading provides additional security with identity verification. The average onboarding time is <5 seconds.

Responsible gaming

Accurate biometric-based identity verification and authentication solutions prevent underage gambling, enforce self-exclusion, and screen for problem gamblers.

AML screening

Automated, real-time screening against global sanctions, watchlists, PEPs, and adverse media significantly mitigates the risk of illegal financing and cuts compliance costs.

Deposits and withdrawals

Instant biometric-based authentication speeds up cashier actions. Passive-liveness checks are hassle-free and ensure the utmost level of security.


Onboard new players quickly and confidently, reducing drop-off rates dramatically, while cutting manual processing costs.

Ensure players meet your age, location, and security requirements with real-time screening and reliable biometric identity verification.

Maintain KYC and AML compliance easily with real-time screening against sanction lists, government data sources, watchlists, adverse media, and PEP lists.

Become the trusted, player-friendly brand with frictionless and secure touchpoints and hassle-free passive liveness checks.

Why choose us?

We are committed to delivering quality, data protection and security to customers.

certificado LRQA ISO/IEC 27001
certificado LRQA ISO/IEC 27001

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