In the pandemic situation due to COVID 19, in which older people have had to endure preventive and mandatory social isolation, the appearance of an app designed to align with digital transformation has come at the most necessary moment and has served a dual purpose.

Clients with the Supervielle Jubilados app have been able to make use of a revolutionary project, which has allowed them to prove identity with their mobile phone camera, thus being able to immediately access bank services without having to go to a branch.

Despite the apparent generational barrier present, the adoption of biometric facial recognition technology has exceeded all expectations. In addition, despite their not being a generation that feels comfortable with technology, almost 7 out of 10 retired bank customers have a mobile device and can therefore use the app. Supervielle are the only bank that offers this service, and usage data supports this brave decision by the Argentine entity.

It requires an action as simple as looking at the mobile phone camera to grant access to the application. Banco Supervielle have understood the importance of biometrics in their services. For this reason, they have been incorporating it into their onboarding/new client registration process, and work hand in hand with FacePhi to expand the portfolio of services offered through passive liveness, the cornerstone of contemporary biometrics. In their own words, this technology “brought them closer to efficient digital transformation.”

Find out how Banco Supervielle de Argentina have made it possible for retirees and pensioners to be able to prove they are living beings when collecting their monthly payment, in a process that takes just a few seconds from their mobile phone and also gives access to other services.