Man with broken wrist on phone

Pedro goes out for a run one morning and sprains his ankle. The sprain will keep him off work for two months. “I won’t leave it another day to take out health insurance that includes rehabilitation,” he thinks.

More and more people are using private health insurance to speed up the waiting time for certain procedures, or to gain access to other medical services. With the advent of identity verification technology, the process of obtaining health insurance and using it safely could not be easier.

Thanks to a simple process called digital onboarding, in a few minutes we can carry out the process of becoming clients to the insurance company. To do this, the technology will ask us to scan an officially recognised identification document, such as a passport or a national identity document. Advanced OCR technology not only verifies the validity of the document, but it also compares the photograph present on it with a selfie taken in the moment, verifying the identity of the insurance policyholder.

With that, we are clients. From that moment onwards, every time I want to enter the app safely and have access to my health insurance, I only have to show my face to the camera.

The technology has security controls that certify that it is I who is present at any time, and that I am the same person who signed up for the policy. Facial biometrics provides the best guarantee for companies and their clients that the operations carried out are of maximum security and trust.

FacePhi’s biometric technology has a 99.998% hit rate and integrates multiple security functions. This type of technology is multiplatform and is integrated as another component of the insurer’s software or app.

In Latin America, Swiss Medical Group from Argentina have entrusted FacePhi with integrating its digital onboarding technology into their health plan contracting processes. The Spanish company use Compusistem as a technological partner.

This integration will allow Swiss Medical Group to be at the forefront of policyholder identification. Insurance clients will have access to the best services, cutting out possible fraudulent use of the policy.