Biometric identity verification in shared mobility 

Build trust with biometric technology

While the shared mobility industry has rapidly expanded in recent years, it has increasingly had to deal with challenges related to trust. On the one hand, users must be able to trust the supplier, its vehicles, and its services with their safety. On the other hand, the supplier must be assured that the user they are lending their vehicles to is going to use them for legitimate purposes, mitigating the chances of vandalism, fraud, and theft. 


The best way to solve the shared mobility industry’s trust challenge is by assigning responsibility via reliable identity verification solutions. Second to none in achieving this with speed and ease is biometric technology. 

Make mobility operations safe, carefree, and environmentally friendly

Offer ultimate convenience in shared mobility with biometric technology. Ensure ridesharing and vehicle or e-scooter rental is a streamlined and responsible experience with a quick selfie. Promote more responsible services to minimise the environmental impact of travel and contribute to urban sustainability. 

Facilitate easy and secure driver onboarding

Maintain a trusted and responsible brand through reliable identity verification solutions. Protect your fleet and keep drivers safe by only allowing legal users access to your vehicles through a simple and secure registration process. Provide the ultimate level of assurance and confidence around security with industryleading data encryption and anti-fraud technology 


Better customer experience and higher conversion rates

Offer customers a superior user experience with an intuitive and secure registration process. Drivers just need an identity document and a smartphone to get started. New users scan their identity documents with reliable OCR technology and snap a corroborative selfie. Passive Liveness effectively safeguards against fraud while offering customers a uniquely effortless experience. Within seconds both driver and passenger are onboarded and can start enjoying your service.    


Technology applications

At Facephi, we want to help mobility companies attain secure and efficient user verification. 

Driver onboarding 

Fast, secure, and intuitive driver onboarding flows, 100% digital and remote. 

Vehicle reservation

Registered drivers enjoy fast and easy reservations. Only a selfie is needed.


Onboard and verify users hiring electric scooters and bikes confidently. 


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