Shared mobility 

Let them only worry about driving

Facial biometrics can make carsharing the most accessible option for drivers who believe in shared mobility. Today, thanks to FacePhi technology, the driver will be able to see how a sustainable model is possible from their very first contact with the service. 

Only worry about them

The shared mobility sector can now offer a more agile, simple and safe experience to a driver who has understood how technology can also simplify and improve processes. WiBLE, the Kia and Repsol carsharing service that uses FacePhi, is already part of the revolution. 

Applications of the technology

Examples of use cases for the shared mobility industry

At FacePhi, we want to help you get to know your users safely. These are some use cases for our technology 

New driver onboarding

Streamline the registration process of a new driver to your list of permitted users, with 100% digital onboarding technology.

Vehicle reservation

Once the driver is already a customer, they can enter the app and make a reservation using just a selfie.

Access and driving of the vehicle

Through facial recognition technology, the driver is authenticated (1-1) in a simple way and without the need for passwords.


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