Sports events

More agile and secure events with identity verification technology

The sports events sector is experiencing its first steps with technological solutions to verify the identity of its clients to improve day-to-day processes, such as achieving fast and secure stadium access or avoiding ticket resale fraud.

Club member in two simple steps 

Our onboarding for the registration of sports club members is able to identify identity quickly, easily and safely, ensuring that people are who they say they are. To become members, they must automatically capture the document with the app and take a selfie. Once registered, the member can access their private area, buy a ticket or access the stadium with just a selfie.

Applications of technology

Examples of uses at sports events

At FacePhi, we want to help you to get to know your members in a secure way. These are some of the examples of the use of our technology.

New member Onboarding

To achieve a quick incorporation of a new member into the team's databases, it is possible to carry out their onboarding digitally, either online or in person at the office.

Member authentication

Through facial recognition technology, the member is authenticated (1-1) in a simple way to enter their private area or to make purchases on the club's application. There is no need for passwords.

Identification at a kiosk

Recognising the member upon arrival at the stadium, from all those persons that are included in its database (1-N), reducing waiting times, speeding up queues, giving access to VIP areas, etc.


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