Money 20/20 USA in Las Vegas

October 22-25


Visit us to discover how to secure your clients’ identity

Join us at booth 2003 to unveil how AI-powered biometric technology can give your business real
advantages to:

• streamline KYC and comply with AML regulations
• reinforce security and mitigate identity fraud risks
• boost customer acquisition and retention

What will be there for you?

Onboarding & Authentication Solutions

Our solution enables automatic document capture,
and remote user onboarding and authentication,
through selfies with passive liveness checks.

The solution then authenticates the user through
diverse biometrics, including facial, fingerprint,
voice or behaviour.

Behaviour Biometrics

This cutting-edge technology authenticates users based
on their behavioral patterns. It identifies unique
individual characteristics.

Facephi Identity Platform

The platform boasts a multitude of biometric solutions
for an accessible and efficient user experience, offering
a fully customisable digital identity verification
processes according to your needs.

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