Facephi confirms financial results with turnover of 22,28 M€, 69% more than the previous year 


The audited accounts of the technology company support the results of its advance results with an increase in sales of 69%  

The positive EBITDA reaches 4,44M€, a 138% increase from 2021 

Facephi closed 2022 with very positive economic results that confirm those outlined in its forecasts. The 2022 audited accounts of the leading technology company for user digital identity verification registered a turnover of 22,28M€, the best result recorded so far, which represents a growth of 69% compared to 2021. 

Likewise, the technology company has obtained a positive EBITDA of 4,44M€, a figure that reaffirms the upward trend that its operating account has been registering in recent economic periods, a key indicator of the good state of its turnover. 

These figures support the company’s strong commitment in 2022 to reinforce international sales channels with an innovative and very competitive product: The Facephi Identity Platform, a versatile proposal that offers on-demand biometric identity verification solutions. In just one year, the new product has accounted for 57% of total registered sales, which has allowed the company to increase its presence internationally. 2022 has been a key year in Facephi’s international expansion, with the opening of two new subsidiaries: One in LATAM with headquarters in Montevideo, and another in EMEA, with headquarters in London and its own team in strategic areas of the region. 

Javier Mira, CEO and president of Facephi, has valued the results obtained as a “definitive support for the strategy we designed to achieve our short, medium and long-term goals. Thanks to a flexible and scalable product accompanied by a solid commercial infrastructure, we work to take advantage of the opportunities of a global and dynamic market in constant evolution.” 


New markets and more clients 

The resources used in 2022 aimed at strengthening international sales channels have been rewarded with a large increase in new clients registered at +204%, a hundred more projects compared to 2021, to which is added the renewals and extensions of those already established. These results validate Facephi’s position as the world’s leading provider of identity verification in the financial sector, with more than 200 banks in 25 countries as customers. 

Anticipating market trends has always been the great success story of the tech company, which has been able to adapt its technology to the new needs of a digital society. In this way, the worldwide commercialisation of Facephi Identity Platform‘s on-demand biometric solutions has allowed any type of company to use its technology without bias towards size or sector, diversifying Facephi’s client portfolio. In addition, the company continues its expansion into new sectors such as shared mobility, public administration and disruptive Fintech, and its introduction into new markets such as Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. 

Growth in talent 

The unstoppable growth of Facephi in 2022 has determined the development of its structure as a company, with the incorporation of 30% more staff to reach more than 220 employees. It is worth noting the important effort that the company has made to strengthen its commercial team, hiring the best professionals and fostering new alliances with strategic partners in different countries. These join a staff made up of almost 70% technical profiles that work to continue innovating in designing the best digital identity verification solutions. 

In this sense, Javier Mira notes that “the audited figures for the 2022 financial year reflect the significant growth we have experienced in business and structure. We continue working to take advantage of all the opportunities that the market offers us, with our sights set on entering the crypto and gambling sectors.”