FacePhi consolidates presence in Latin America with alliance with GBM

GBM is a leading company in Information Technology services, specialising in the integration of technological solutions and with a presence in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Through this agreement, FacePhi will promote the presence of its technology for user identity verification through digital onboarding processes and authentication with consented facial recognition.

FacePhi continues to consolidate its leadership in the identity verification sector in Latin America. After entering into large financial companies such as Argentine invesstech Inviu and microcredit specialist Mibanco in 2021, the Spanish technology company strengthens its presence in Central America and the Caribbean with an important alliance with the multinational GBM.

The agreement reached by both companies will make GBM a provider and integrator of digital onboarding and facial recognition technologies, flagship developments of the technology for user identity verification. The Latin American multinational, which specialises in implementations and technological assessment, will become a key partner to promote the use of FacePhi technology in the countries where it currently has a presence: Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

This alliance allows us to support companies with verifying the identity of their clients, through digital channels, simplifying the processes for the transformation and digitisation of businesses, offering them technologies through API consumption models and pay-per-use, which accelerates the time for new products and services in all industries to reach the market,” says Marcial Suárez, General Manager of GBM’s software unit.

“Working together with GBM means collaborating with a company that has played an important role in the technological modernisation of Central America and the Caribbean, promoting both the evolution of many companies and the technical advancement of the region’s public administrations. A fundamental part of the expansion of identity verification technology is its proper integration, something that GBM guarantees us, along with a greater presence in different countries in Central America and the Caribbean,” says Jorge Sanz, CRO of FacePhi.