Facephi opens a subsidiary in Uruguay to increase commercial activity and technical support in Latin America  

Since 2019, the company has boasted its APAC subsidiary in the Asian-Pacific region. The new office will provide services for current and future Latin American clients

FacePhi has consolidated its leading position in the Latin American market through the opening of a subsidiary in Montevideo, Uruguay. This is the second such subsidiary for the company, after the establishment in 2019 of the FacePhi APAC headquarters in Seoul, and seeks to offer a commercial and technical support service appropriate to the specific needs of each project, both those that are currently underway and those that are to be undertaken in the future in Latin America.

The new FacePhi office, named FacePhi LATAM, will be run by company CRO Jorge Sanz. It will be made up of the team of highly qualified professionals that has been operating in the country since mid-2020, offering technical assistance to Latin American customers.

Through FacePhi LATAM, which will be in charge of all ongoing and new projects in Latin America, technical support for current clients and advice for companies seeking to develop new projects based on user identity verification technology implementation will be enhanced. Clients from the same time zone in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia will be assisted, reaching the Latin American market which consists of more than 600 million people.

Javier Mira, president and CEO of the company, says of the opening: “This operation represents a key step for us, through which the company’s consolidation in the Latin American market will be further enhanced. This is a continent in which we are leaders, and where we already have a strong implementation of our technology. This region, which has been strategic for our company since its inception in 2012, has been a fundamental part of our evolution.”

Through Uruguay, FacePhi will have access to a market of 400 million people, which accumulates 68% of Latin America’s GDP and represents a foreign trade flow of almost 74% of the total for the region. In addition, the country has a favourable regulatory framework for attracting foreign investment and developing international business, supported by its political, social and economic stability. These are determining factors in the internationalisation strategy and commercial development of FacePhi.