Facephi partners with Pequeño Deseo to make Daniel’s dream come true 

Last December Facephi reiterated its commitment to collaborate with Pequeño Deseo, a national non-profit association that works to provide emotional support to children who suffer from a serious or chronic illnesses and have to undergo continuous medical treatment in hospitals or at home receiving. Facephi teamed up with the organisation to fulfil their wishes. 

On this occasion, little Daniel wished for a video console so he could play with his favourite characters, so Facephi partnered with Pequeño Deseo to make Daniel’s wish come true.  The little boy was overjoyed to see his surprise and easily mastered the challenges of the games with the same determination he puts into overcoming his health challenges. 

Facephi’s support and commitment to children is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. We are fully committed to helping younger generations overcome life’s challenges so that they can build a better future for themselves and society.