FacePhi guarantees business continuity in the event of potential crisis situations thanks to achieving ISO 22301

This standard helps companies to plan strategies that ensure uninterrupted provision of services for customers, even if a serious incident occurs. Through achieving this award, FacePhi demonstrates its resilience and capabilities of generating a fast “return to normality” after a crisis.

FacePhi, the leading company in user digital identity verification technology, has achieved the ISO 22301 certification, an international standard for Business Continuity, Security and Resilience Management. This award helps organisations to plan and implement strategies which allow them to guarantee to their customers that they can keep receiving their products and services undisturbed, and with maximum guarantees of recovery and maintenance in the face of disruptive incidents such as the pandemic in March 2020, or a fire or flood potentially damaging their facilities.

To achieve this certification with maximum compliance levels, FacePhi has provided redundancy mechanisms in its systems, procedures and resources, therefore demonstrating the organisation’s compromise with its clients, just like in the continuity of services provided to its end users when they use technologies as important as those which verify their digital identity.

“Our Business Continuity Plan being recognised with this certification also places FacePhi at the forefront of the digital identity sector also in terms of solvency and organisational resilience, demonstrating maximum effort in investment to maintain guarantees of the service provided, regardless of any circumstances which may occur,” noted Jorge Félix, Quality & Systems Director of FacePhi.