Facephi is committed to modernizing its work model and will locate its new headquarters in Panoramis   

The company seeks to break with traditional labour standards and will promote a more flexible and personalized way of working. The firm wants to establish its headquarters in Panoramis Life & Business, in the port of Alicante, a pioneering work environment designed for large national and international companies.

FacePhi, the international company expert in digital identity verification, has completely turned around its current work model and is committed to flexibility and innovation to achieve the maximum well-being of its employees. The company will move its headquarters to the Panoramis Life & Business space in the port of Alicante, a change of location with which it aspires to improve the quality of life of the more than 160 employees at its offices, allowing them to harmonize their personal and professional lives, improving the company’s commitment to work-life balance.

Among the advantages offered by the Panoramis Life & Business workspace there is the possibility of being able to continue developing cutting-edge technology on the seashore of the Mediterranean, in an environment that has a coworking areas, multipurpose offices, restaurant spaces, gym with sea views, nutritionist and wellness services where work becomes pure inspiration. The relocation of these offices to the heart of Alicante is also in line with the announcement made a few months ago by the company to start applying the four-day working week, which will be implemented throughout 2022.

“For FacePhi, Alicante is not only the city where we were born, it is also our home and the place where we want to continue developing our technology. Now we want to do it in front of the sea, in a unique environment that symbolizes the quality of life that this area offers” explained Javier Mira, president and CEO of FacePhi. Mira has assured that “for this reason, moving our offices to Panoramis Life & Business is clear proof of the strong commitment we have with the city and its goal of being a driving force for digital transformation in Spain and Europe”.

“We are delighted that a leading multinational technology company such as FacePhi has decided to move its headquarters to this center,” said Maria Llatas, Director of Operations at Panoramis Life & Business. Llatas pointed out that “both parts were clear that we wanted to reach an agreement to make today a reality. We are sure that, from this unique location, equipped with all the necessary strategic services during a working day, it will be possible to improve the productivity and quality of life of the FacePhi team, inspiring them to continue with their amazing growth”.