FacePhi dedicates resources and time to the teaching of R&D&I

FacePhi has collaborated closely, since its inception, with the university community in order to train students in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for identity verification. 

For the collaborating universities, this agreement helps to align the educational offer provided with the needs and realities of the world of work, generating ties between both sides that result in a win-win situation for the company, the university and the students, extending throughout the entire university process (degree, Master and doctorate). 

FacePhi’s commitment to investing time and resources to promote the educational community is unquestionable. For a company where much of the R&D&I work already has a very high innovation component, it is essential to attract professionals who are fully trained in biometrics and other areas of interest included in the FacePhi portfolio. 

Collaborating side by side with the educational community reaches practically all areas of the university process. FacePhi’s R&D staff work together with university professors to adapt the educational material and, above all, propose topics for dissertation and Masters projects, thus encouraging students to research biometrics, text and document recognition and other related lines of research, all of them with a high innovation component. In addition to this, it is also working together with various universities on the creation of different lines of research aligned to the innovation work carried out daily at FacePhi. 

With this collaboration between FacePhi and universities, academic training is achieved that truly responds to the demands of the labour market and, in turn, the private company ensures that future workers have the training and motivation necessary to undertake high value work. Among other benefits of this collaboration is the possibility that students can carry out professional internships at FacePhi and have their credits validated in order to finish their studies. 

Further activities carried out by the company and related to teaching are different presentations organised by the collaborating universities, where the objective is to motivate the student to pursue a career in the field in which FacePhi specialises. It also seeks to organise hackathons to motivate the creativity and imagination of these future professionals, and work with local technological institutes such as ITI (Investigate to Innovate) -which has offices in Valencia and Alicante. 

In summary, this university-FacePhi symbiosis generates tangible and intangible benefits for all those involved. Talent recruitment is improved, working closely with professors and authentic specialists in the field, dissertation and master’s degree projects with a high level of innovation and practical application to the real world are proposed, and doctoral research is integrated as another component of FacePhi’s innovative pool.