inPhinite: Facephi’s new product

The Spanish company, specialized in biometric identification, will present inPhinite during the Money 2020 event that will be held in Las Vegas.
This unique integral system combines voice, optical, facial, fingerprint, and signature recognition.

The Spanish company FacePhi, a worldwide leader in terms of easy biometrics for banking entities, will present inPhinite, a unique product in the market, during Money 2020, that will be held between the 21stand the 24thOctober in Las Vegas. This integral product combines six different tools specially designed to identify its user through facial, optical, fingerprint, signature, and voice recognition, which turns the product into a “zero risk” security system specially addressed to financial entities. Money 2020 is considered one of the most important worldwide meetings for fintech companies that are devoted to develop safety technology for financial entities.

The development of this product has involved some first-rate technological partners in every aspect of its development; like the US company specialized on fingerprint recognition; or a South Korean company which has collaborated with the Spanish brand in order to improve signature recognition systems; as well as another US company, focused on voice recognition systems. 

According to the FacePhi CEO, Javier Mira, “the release of this product will mean the consolidation of our position within the biometric security market in financial entities. We offer a product that provides a wide flexibility to potential clients when it comes to choose all the technological components of the product, or just the ones that they are interested in”.   

More specifically, inPhinite is divided into six segments of specialized security products, which includes Sephi, for face recognition; SelphID, a digital onboarding; Look&Phi focused on periocular recognition; 4Phingers, designed for fingerprint touchless recognition; SignPhi, for signature authentication; and Phivox, for voice recognition. 

FacePhi, based in Alicante (Spain), is already working with 25 different financial entities worldwide, providing service to more than 6 million users and performing 500 million authentications thanks to its systems. The competitive advantage of the company’s products lies on the development of the product itself, which can be applied to all operating system, in multi devices and it can be integrated in the services of the banking entity within only 40 days. The efficiency of its systems registers success rates of 99.998%, which means a 0% fraud rate. 

The complementarity of inPhinite’s multiservices improves the results in terms of security performance to the highest levels within the biometric technology market that is already available for financial and banking institutions. 

Technological association

The technological partners have allowed to implement the project inPhinite with an exceptional quality of the service by joining the challenge proposed by the Spanish brand. 

This way, Selphi allows facial recognition regardless of the camera used, turning a selfie into a mathematical pattern, which increases the service security as the image is never really available. Look&Phi uses a very similar system in order to avoid identity fraud by creating an encrypted pattern through sight. 

Thanks to Phivox, voice recognition is performed in less than 0.2 seconds which makes it a very important tool for all banking call centers management and the application of voice-related services. SelphID, which includes the identification through any document with face images, is equipped with the best Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

About FacePhi

FacePhi is a worldwide leader company specialized in facial recognition and mobile biometrics based in Alicante (Spain). The company was created in 2012 and since then, has focused its operations on the financial sector. Likewise, FacePhi operates in the MAB (Alternative Stock Market, by its acronym in Spanish) since 2014 and commercializes its technological products focused in security for financial entities. 

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