‘JOIN4IMPACT’ investigation observatory is created 

Facephi signs the agreement to set up the new ideas observatory together with the IE University through its IE Foundation, and INUIT Foundation 

The observatory has the aim of promoting multidisciplinary research on the application of new technologies and their social impact.

The research observatory “JOIN4IMPACT” is already a reality following the founders agreement signed between Facephi, the IE University through its IE Foundation, and INUIT Foundation. The new entity has been created with the aim of promoting an effective paradigm of social impact in Spain, through the exchange of knowledge and research in the field of new technologies, their application and impact on society. The agreement has an initial term of three years, extendable annually. 

Facephi and its partners will provide their experiences in business training, technological research and the development of projects with a social impact, to create the necessary synergies that contribute to achieving these goals. 

The observatory “JOIN4IMPACT” will generate various content in order to promote innovative projects in technology that cause a positive social impact. Its actions will materialize, among others, with the publication of an annual applied research report that will be released to the public, as well as actions in companies and social innovation entities where the conclusions will be put into practice. 

Javier Mira, CEO and President of Facephi, comments on the launch of “the observatory JOIN4IMPACT is a great step in our firm commitment to building bridges of knowledge between technology and society. Our goal is to promote sound understanding of the changes happening in technology, their positive impact on our society today and great potential with opportunities they will bring for building a better future”. 


About IE University, their IE Foundation and INUIT Foundation 

IE FOUNDATION: One of its founding purposes is to contribute to business development for the benefit of the common good by promoting training in the business environment. For this reason, it supports the creation of observatories, chairs and specialised research centres in the field of business, with the participation or collaboration of entities, organisations, institutions, whether public or private, national or foreign. 

IE UNIVERSITY: Its purpose is to organise and carry out courses, seminars, conferences and other activities related to research, training and the promotion of students in the business world. 

INUIT Foundation: A non-profit organisation that works to contribute to social change in the areas of inclusion, education, employment and sustainable development. It advises the financing of social action and sustainability projects through different ways of approaching philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, both for individuals and companies.