FacePhi supports Pequeño Deseo Foundation to make Triana’s dream come true  

In general, if companies want to consolidate and maintain their position in the long term, they must be, among other things, profitable and viable within their business scope. However, besides profitability, income and recognition, there are other quality indicators, linked to the essence and identity of the companies and their social commitment.

The company has established the need to incorporate CSR at all levels of the organisation, through the implementation of altruistic initiatives that have a positive impact on society. Leading by example, Javier Mira, president and CEO of the company, made his personal contribution by writing the history of the company and publishing his book ‘Emprender siempre es un pequeño gran éxito’. (‘Entrepreneurship is always a small big success’)

Using the concept that an entrepreneur is a person who wants to improve society and make the world a better place, Mira contributed the profits obtained from the sale of his book to the Pequeño Deseo Foundation, an organisation that for over 20 years has been trying to make the wishes and dreams of children with chronic diseases come true during their treatment, to make this part of their lives more bearable.

Aware that a small effort can change the lives of others forever, he identified with the mission of Pequeño Deseo, seeing it as just as important for the children as their treatment. As the organisation’s motto states, sometimes fulfilling the wish of a child is the best medicine.

That experience of people overcoming adversity prompted Mira to join forces with the Pequeño Deseo Foundation, El Cavall Club Hípico, Disney and Hasbro to make a dream come true for Triana, one of the girls associated with the foundation, who wanted to ride a pony dressed as a princess on her birthday.

The foundation has already fulfilled 5,500 wishes for little dreamers, with FacePhi being part of wish number 4153.